Last weekend my sisters and I escaped to Wimberley to visit our mother, Century 21 realtor Betsi Schaefer. All of us live about forty minutes away in Austin, making Wimberley the perfect place to find easy respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Though shameful to admit, none of us had ever visited Wimberley’s famous Jacob’s Well. With the weather teetering near 100 degrees, we were quite motivated to change that, as Jacob’s Well is one of the most popular swimming holes in the greater Austin area and conveniently located only a stone’s throw from downtown Wimberley. 

With a twelve-foot diameter, Jacob’s Well is the mouth of a spring pushed forth by the Trinity Aquifer, which sits approximately 140 feet below. The water flowing from Jacob’s Well feeds the Cypress River and contributes to the Edwards Aquifer. 

When we arrived to the popular swimming hole, we were pleasantly shocked to learn that there was no entry fee, unlike several other competing hill country swimming holes. To access the water, we parked at the entrance at 1699 Mount Sharp Road and walked down a dirt path surrounded by lush vegetation. The path continued on a limestone cliff that gradually led down to the water. From the edge, we peaked over and saw a breath-taking view of Jacob’s Well. Hues of green, yellow, and turquoise swirled together to create the colors of the springhead. From a rocky ledge jutting off the cliff, many brave souls jumped into the Well, though technically it’s against the rules. 

Not feeling too dare-devilish, we decidedly walked down to the Cypress River, which sits just next to Jacob’s Well and is part of the Jacob’s Well Natural Area. The sun shined brightly and tall, knobby Cypress trees lined the water, creating a picturesque scene.

We enjoyed the afternoon in the cool, clean water before driving the short distance back to Austin, feeling lucky that such an oasis was less than an hour away.